Our journey which began to produce high quality natural products and derivatives for food sector, has evolved to a structure that makes its name in a very short period of time and adds value to our business partners by standardizing the quality; Agrorev®.

We have already started to shape the future of food sector thanks to our professional structure based on regular control of production processes and our staff following the developments worldwide closely.

We only use the most natural forms of raw materials from our certified and expert in field producers in our products, and which, in near future, we are going to start to harvest in our 9,000-decare agricultural area situated in Eregli and Tarsus. We process these raw matarials with top engineering infrastructure in our approximately 8,000 m2 production facility using different drying technologies to obtain Agrorev® products. We always offer appropriate and qualified business solutions by means of our flexible product range which varies in line with the needs…

Agrorev®, has added one huge aspect by bringing 4-season freshness to food sector while separating from its counterparts by means of its unique properties that stimulate the senses.